Del Webb Sweetgrass

Project Details

Del Webb Sweetgrass
Location:  Richmond Texas

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Services: Neighborhood design, community branding, thematics, amenity center, model park and landscape design, entry feature, parks

Project Description

500 acre active adult, master planned community featuring two lakes, amenity center, nature park and a bayou that bisects property

  • Utilized water features for recreation areas and park land
  • Developed plan for wetland plant and habitat restoration ensuring viability of the waterways
  • Design emphasizes natural beauty of coastal plains and maximizes waterfront and open space premiums
  • Dramatic, dynamic entry experience creates welcome sense of arrival
  • Varied elevation of inbound and outband lanes of the entry boulevard to enhance entry experience
  • Routed trails to connect neighborhoods, parks and amenities
  • Designed 10 acre waterfront amenity center featureing a beach entry resort pool with sun ledge, fire pit, outdoor kitchen, tennis, pickleball, bocce courts, trails, amphitheater and 28,000 square foot clubhouse
  • Designed fishing pier, boat launch and kayak storage to encourage outdoor watersport activity
  • Designed nature park with native landscape and butterfly garden
  • Designed lakeside community park and associated trail system

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